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Fr. Mankowski Talks About Flannery O'Connor

First, the book news: I am on schedule to finish a draft before Christmas. I will then go to work polishing it, inserting footnotes, etc. and I will be submitting it to Ignatius Press (and thanking them for their patience!) in mid January. (Unless God knows something that I don't.) I am happy with how it has turned out, but just as in television, when you turn in the first draft, that's when the REAL work begins.

(The "I'll turn it in before Thanksgiving" didn't happen because, as fate would have it, I received a motherlode of new material that very week, so I got an extension to go through the new stuff and insert what I wanted to use into the book.)

Meanwhile, I just stumbled upon this wonderful video of Fr. Mankowski giving a talk on Flannery O'Connor at SLU in 2019. It is called "Flannery O'Connor: Hillbilly Thomist." Enjoy it and happy Advent!

(Embedding the video did not work, so you will have to cut and paste. It is well worth the effort.)