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I have almost finished the first draft of my book about Fr. Mankowski. The working title is "The Sound of Silence," and I have not been able to come up with a title that I like better. It tells you what I'm about to tell you, which, for my money, is what a title should do.

In Nascar terms, I have completed the 4th turn and I'm headed for the checkered flag. Even then, I'll have a lot of work to do before someone hands me a trophy. But I spent a good two years listening to the demonic voice in my head that said, on a loop, "there's no book here." I have at least managed to shut that voice up.

I have promised Ignatius Press that they'll have a draft before Thanksgiving, and they will. In other news, I sold a mini-series that I have been trying to sell for 22 years. It is called "Iñigo" and it is about the unsaintly years of St. Ignatius. Knights and princesses, a lot of sword fights, and a dwarf who is based on an actual person who, like St. Ignatius, was a ward of court treasurer Juan Velasquez. It was bought by Zebra Producciones, the company that made the El Cid mini-series. It will be in English for global release, and so far it looks like the distribution rights will go to Amazon.

I have several other projects that look very much like they will sell. It cracks me up that my career is peaking in my golden years. That is exactly what I would have requested, had I been given a vote.

Stay tuned...