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Long time no update. Sorry. I have been insanely busy. Aside from working on the book and college professing, I've been... Frankly, I don't know what I have been doing. One project that had to be tackled after another, the latest being 2021 taxes. Writers' brains were not made for spreadsheets, so it takes me months to get everything ready for the CPA.

I am creating two new courses for Regent. One is a course on Dialogue that I have been teaching for a couple of years, and now a lot of time-sucking formalities have to be completed so it can become a permanent course. I am also creating a course on Plot Structure. I haven't taught plot by itself and it really needs its own course. It is too important to be studied along with other aspects of screenwriting. It's like telling someone who wants to build a house that they need an architect's blueprint and some cabinet nobs.

Work on the book has been slow and excruciating. I thought the work would be cathartic, and it will be, someday. But getting through it is agonizing because everything I write makes me miss Paul even more. And getting through life without his perspective is hard. His satirical emails made the insanity of the world so much more bearable.

I spent months trying to wrestle the structure of the book into submission. After untold hours of thinking about it, I concluded that, above all else, this is a book about the importance of truth. The truth of Paul's story needs to be told. This is my opening quote, borrowed from the transcripts of hearings on the Chernobyl disaster:

"Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later that debt is paid." -- Valery Legasov

The lies told about Paul incurred a debt to the truth. The Jesuits are not likely to pay back that debt, so I'm going to do it for them.