The Witness of Fr. Mankowski

The Book

An update: I am now in the process of writing a book about Fr. Mankowski for Ignatius Press. I will keep you posted on it. The other day a friend of mine said, "We need this book." She meant "we" the friends of Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ. We do need this book but I hope other people will need it, too, so I can earn back my advance! 

I am interviewing friends of Fr. Mankowski for the book. If you happen to be one and you have a good story or two, please let me know in the combox.


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"The other night my husband, whose defining characteristic is his hatred of confrontation, told me that it is time to fight."





What a felicitous stumble, coming back to this place via a 12-year old link ("More on Obama's Abortion Lies"), just after you revived it! Looking forward to getting to know Father Mankowski and (hopefully?) reading about your steps forward into the abyss of unity and untruth.

Karen Hall

I will be here sporadically. I'm going to be really busy with a couple of jobs, one of which is writing a book about Fr. Mankowski.

Bill Walsh

I was a friend of his. Drop me a line if I can help.

Karen Hall, Inc

I would love to. How do I reach you?

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