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The Witness of Fr. Mankowski

Here is an excellent article: Catholic Claims and the Witness of Fr. Mankowski by David Deavel. It begins with this pull-out quote: "For those of us who believe in the claims of the Catholic Church but are disheartened by her sinking into chaos and corruption, what are we to do? Perhaps the beginning of an answer might be found in Flannery O’Connor’s evergreen observation that we do not so often suffer for the Church as from the Church. One who lived out this difficult truth was the late Fr. Paul Mankowski."

Fr. Mankowski's death has changed my life in ways that I would not have imagined. I want to be better, because he was. In fact, for the first time in my life, I want to be holy. And I want that because of the witness of his life. I mean, honestly, if I can be holy and still have a sense of humor, then why not give it a shot? (Something St. Phillip Neri should have taught me, but it's different when holiness-with-a-sense-of-humor is walking down the street beside you, or waiting in your email box.)

I have been a different person since he died. It's one thing to put on your big brain and your best behavior for the length or a dinner or an email. Now I have to be on my best behavior all the time. (A mutual friend told me, two days after the funeral, "I have already stopped myself from doing two things, because I was afraid he'd see me.") 

Granted, it has only been a little over a month since Fr. Mankowski died, so who knows whether or not my newfound quest for holiness has "legs," as we say in show business. But I am optimistic, because of the strength of his witness. My own version of the Flannery O'Connor quote is this: I think I can be holy, if God lets me live long enough.




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Matt Archbold

Absolutely beautiful.

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