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Congrats on the new endeavor! I just sold an antique business and have started working from home in a field I never should have left. It is SUCH a good feeling to do something you love and I can imagine working in the literary world makes you smile everyday!
I, too, think Kindle is kind of creepy. I look forward to visiting you here @ BBB. And, if I am ever in Boone I will stop by.
I live in Texas so don't keep the coffee pot on!
Back in college I cheered in Boone and loved the town. It was the first place I ever saw a real lumberjack (that was over 30 years ago - I am guessing the town is quite different now)


Yeah, you're a little far away to enjoy our fantastic locally grown organic coffee, but we could always ship you a bag, along with a logo mug.

Thanks for being here. Please stay!

Drew Ann

Congratulations from VT! Looking forward to your Kindle post.


Get the place blessed, just to be safe.

Lee Anne

Congratulations on your new venture. May you continue to be blessed!!!


Congratulations! Looking forward to the t-shirt. My brother and his family visit NC often. I will tell them to stop in if it's nearby. I agree with Joe--get the place blessed. And definitely want to hear about the Kindle.
God bless you and yours!


Good luck and congratulations!
And I'm also looking forward to your website and being able to order "stuff" from you. I'm also in Texas, so dropping in to meet you and browse in your store probably isn't going to happen very often.


Congratulatuions! Yes, please get the store blessed. Looking forward to ordering books, especially religious ones.


I've already talked up your bookstore to Boone-loving friends...I'm sure hoping you'll offer at least limited mail order service as well, once you're truly up and running.

mj anderson

Hooray! The BBB of Boone will become a MUST stop on our NC rambles. Local organic coffee did ya say?

of course ONE idea is to let it be known that there is a writer in residence! That'll bring in the curious and perhaps provide fodder for a new novel.

Expect me to pop in when you least expect it.

Congratulations of the new venture and love to all the Walkers.

melody VDH

Congrats on your new adventure! If you have any homeschoolers in Boone, a selection of literature that they would use with their literature based curriculum would be very helpful.Tapestry of Grace is one and it covers:history, church history, literature, geography, fine arts, government, philosophy, and writing & composition.

Sonlight Curriculum is another literature based:

Best Wishes. I hope you do well. I love books myself.

melody VDH

Just read your son's blog and see that he is homeschooled! So there are homeschoolers in Boone! I"m in my 12th year of homeschooling and it has been a blessing.I hear N.C. homeschool convention is great. Homeschool conventions are good places to sell books too if you want to expand that way. Look forward to hearing how your store prospers.


Your son has a blog??


He wanted to do a blog for his computer classes, so I let him start one. I'm a little nervous about it, so it might become a private blog soon. (Although we're with him 100 pecent of the time, so a bad guy would have to abduct the entire family, plus a cat and a dog, so I'm thinking he'd probably go for someone easier.)

We are homeschooling him through this transition and looking into our options, which include a local academy where he could go to school a couple of days a week and be homeschooled on the other days. He has very bad asthma and we're nervous about the Swine flu and/or whatever it morphs into. We're just playing it all by ear right now.


p.s. There are a LOT of homeschoolers up here. Not sure why, but it's such a huge network, I think there are as many if not more resources than the "real" schools have.

Marie did it go?

(Monrovia) Anne

So ... how was black friday?


We had a very good black Friday, by today's standards, and a good weekend. Therefore, we were able to break even for the month. (I'm still trying to figure out how to pay for groceries, though.)


Best of luck, Karen!

Nicola Mcgarrett

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You'll be writing about those (and soliciting your opinions) as well as what is happening in the literary world. And I am looking forward too.


There are a LOT of homeschoolers up here and a great network among them. We've been very happy with it.


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